Driving Digital Transformation: A Conversation with Sava Vladov, Leading Business Development at DSS

14 Aug 2023 / 5 min. read

Driving Digital Transformation: A Conversation with Sava Vladov, Leading Business Development at DSS


Q: Welcome, Sava! We're thrilled to have you join the DSS team as the Business Development Manager. Please tell us a bit about your background and experience in the field of Innovation and Digital Transformation.

A: Thank you for the warm welcome! I'm excited to be part of the DSS family. My professional journey spans several sectors, including Financial Services, Telecommunications, and Utilities. Over the years, I've held senior commercial positions at industry giants such as Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, and Adastra. This experience has granted me insights into various facets of technology, from Data Analytics and Cloud to AI & ML. It's an honour to bring this expertise to DSS.

Q: DSS has a compelling mission. Can you provide more details on how the company's mission influences its clients' approach?

A: Certainly! Our focus at DSS is on our clients' visions. We are committed to helping them achieve their automation and Digital Transformation goals by providing expert knowledge and utilising the latest technologies. Our team of professionals is passionate about guiding clients towards success and ensuring that the technologies we implement align seamlessly with their unique objectives. Within a week, you can establish your dedicated team with our highly skilled tech professionals in Eastern Europe and start building a first-class product with our custom software development services that cover the end-to-end project lifecycle. 

Q: It's clear that DSS is focused on technology-driven growth. Can you shed some light on the company's current developmental direction and the areas in which it's honing its competencies?

A: At DSS, we are dedicated to expanding our expertise in various technology fields. We are strategically developing our skills in Software Engineering, ServiceNow consulting, UX/UI design, Cloud & DevOps solutions, and Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning. These areas play a crucial role in meeting the diverse requirements of our clients and helping them gain a competitive edge in their industries.

Q: Your track record of successful projects is impressive. Could you share a few examples of the projects DSS has undertaken and the benefits delivered to clients?

A: We have completed more than 200 projects that focus on analysing, designing, and automating digital processes. Our top priority is providing our clients with maximum value and benefits in every assignment. For example, we worked on a collaborative project involving UI/UX design, scrum master, and web development for multiple bank-specific products like web-based applications and digital registers that automate internal and client-facing business processes. Additionally, our ServiceNow consulting services have streamlined and automated processes in domains such as IT Operations, Human Resources, and Customer Service for a global oil and gas enterprise. We leveraged the flexibility of the ServiceNow cloud platform to ensure secure, reliable, and swift process automation.

Q: ServiceNow Consulting is a strong suit for DSS. What makes DSS stand out in this field, and how does it leverage the ServiceNow platform to benefit its clients?

A: At DSS, we have a thorough approach to ServiceNow Consulting, making us experts in the field. We support our clients throughout the entire project lifecycle, from analysing their needs and designing solutions to testing, commissioning, and maintenance. Our practice always aligns with defined SLA parameters, ensuring we deliver on our promises. Our ability to utilise the ServiceNow platform's flexibility, reliability, and security is what sets us apart. It's like building with Lego bricks - we can easily integrate new processes into existing workflows to enhance their functionality.

Q: How does DSS ensure that our web systems and applications truly meet clients' specific business cases?

A: Excellent question. At the core of our approach is a meticulous analysis and design process that focuses on meeting our client's specific business needs. We take the time to truly understand their unique cases, allowing us to develop web systems and applications precisely tailored to their requirements. Our top priorities are user convenience and satisfaction, and we strive to create intuitive and visually appealing digital interfaces that align with agreed-upon expectations. Our goal isn't just to solve problems but to create solutions that truly resonate with our clients. And we don't stop until it's done!

Q: Cloud & DevOps solutions are crucial in today's dynamic business environment. How does DSS approach building, deploying, and managing applications and infrastructure in cloud environments?

A: We take an agile, automated, and collaborative approach to Cloud & DevOps solutions. Our deployment is non-disruptive, and we automate testing to streamline our client's workflows and increase efficiency. This enables our clients to adapt and evolve in response to market demands quickly. For example, DSS has developed an automated Continuous Integration/ Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) Pipeline that provides a streamlined process for building, testing, and deploying applications, ensuring the code is always in a releasable state. 

Q: Integrating Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning is a hot topic. How does DSS harness these technologies to upgrade and improve business processes?

A: Absolutely, AI and ML technologies have the power to transform businesses. At DSS, we enhance and streamline business operations by incorporating OCR functionality, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence models. Our primary objective is to create, train, and implement models that can recognise and classify objects focusing on detecting and recognising human faces and personal documents. Additionally, we have extensive expertise in automating the digital storage and archiving of confidential papers in registries and the processes related to accessing and verifying personal data across various state institutions.

Q: What would you say to a potential client who is considering working with DSS?

A: We understand that embarking on a journey of Digital Transformation can be both exciting and daunting. However, it is the most beneficial way to move forward. With our committed team by your side, you are not only selecting a service provider but also a partner in your pursuit of a future empowered by technology.

Thank you, Sava, for sharing valuable insights regarding your expertise and DSS's innovative approaches. It's evident that DSS is committed to supporting its clients in their Digital Transformation journey by providing a comprehensive mix of technology, expertise and personalised solutions. We appreciate your contributions and look forward to witnessing more of your impact in the future.

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