DSS issues public invitation to tender for the supply of fixed assets

20 Nov 2023 / 1 min. read

DSS issues public invitation to tender for the supply of fixed assets


DSS is a beneficiary of the European project "Technological Modernisation of the Company". The project aims to improve the company's competitiveness in domestic and foreign markets. The primary objectives include increasing production volume, optimising production processes, enhancing productivity, reducing production costs, and implementing high-tech infrastructure. Ultimately, these efforts will enable DSS to enter new niche markets with high potential.

Delivery and commissioning of new technologies

  • Project: BG-RRP-3.004-1166-C01 “Technological modernisation in the company”
  • Beneficiary: Digital and Software Solutions Ltd.

In connection with the implementation of activities under project BG-RRP-3.004-1166-C01, "Technological modernisation in the enterprise "Digital and Software Solutions" Ltd. announces a procedure for "Supply and commissioning of new technologies - equipment and specialised software", by separate positions as follows:

Lot 1: Cluster configuration:

  • Server rack - 1
  • Server cabinet - 2
  • Storage - 1
  • UPS - 2
  • Additional battery to UPS - 2
  • High-performance switch - 1

Lot 2: Specialised software for OCR (Optical Character Recognition) of content and data from ID documents - 1

Lot 3: Web-based software system for data reporting with graphical and tabular display - 1

Lot 4: Mobile phones for testing and application development - 5

Deadline for receipt of tenders: 28.11.2023

You can download the required documents here.

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