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23 Feb 20243 min. read

Case Study: Streamlining Internal Deployment Processes for UniCredit Bulbank Infrastructure

We have streamlined UniCredit Bulbank's deployment pipelines by leveraging advanced technologies such as Kubernetes, Helm, Jenkins, and Trivy.
30 Jan 20247 min. read

Inspiring Journeys from Classroom to Career: Blitz Interviews with Former DSS Trainees

Gain valuable insights into our yearly internship programme from ex-trainees' perspectives.
25 Jan 20241 min. read

DSS issues public invitation to tender for mobile phones

A procedure for "Supply and commissioning of new technologies" under project BG-RRP-3.004-1166-C01 by NextGenerationEU
11 Dec 20234 min. read

Our Managing Director Plamen Nakov Selected for Forbes 30 Under 30, Class 2023

As the winner in his "Business Managers" category, Plamen Nakov is among Forbes' 30 under 30!
30 Nov 20239 min. read

DSS Updates from All-hands-meeting in November 2023

Here are the most important updates from the previous few months, our successful projects, and exciting innovations for the company and its employees.
28 Nov 20232 min. read

Revolutionising Development Efficiency: The Impact of UI/UX Design on DSS's Succes

Our commitment to exceptional UI/UX design has become a cornerstone in expediting project timelines, reducing rework, and elevating employee satisfaction.
20 Nov 20231 min. read

DSS issues public invitation to tender for the supply of fixed assets

A procedure for "Supply and commissioning of new technologies" under project BG-RRP-3.004-1166-C01 by NextGenerationEU
20 Oct 20233 min. read

Building a Scalable Azure Infrastructure for Online Courses and Tutoring: A Case Study

This case study explores the architecture of an Azure Infrastructure designed explicitly for a platform offering online courses and tutoring services.
29 Sep 20233 min. read

DSS Among the 101 Largest IT Companies in Bulgaria Ranked by Digitalk

Digital and Software Solutions have been recognised in one of Bulgaria's most prestigious technology sector rankings.
21 Sep 20234 min. read

The Indispensable Role of Good User Experience (UX) Design: Why Your Business Needs a Strong UX Team

We discuss how good UX design helps to attract and retain users and explain why it is essential for businesses to invest in a robust UX team.
12 Sep 20233 min. read

Building a Secure and Developer-Friendly DevOps Structure with Kubernetes, Azure AD, Helm, Jenkins, SonarQube, and Azure Image Registry

DSS embarked on a transformative journey to bolster its DevOps structure.
30 Aug 20233 min. read

Celebrating 6 Years of Innovation and Success at DSS - Digital and Software Solutions

We recently had a casual party at our main office to celebrate DSS's 6th anniversary.
14 Aug 20235 min. read

Driving Digital Transformation: A Conversation with Sava Vladov, Leading Business Development at DSS

Discover DSS's tech-driven approach with Sava, Business Dev. Manager. From ServiceNow to AI, learn how we reshape industries.
25 Jul 20232 min. read

Kornelia Pavlova is the new People and Culture Manager of DSS

Kornelia has 15 years of experience in diverse human resource management domains in big and small technology firms.