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12 Jul 20233 min. read

Revolutionising Teacher Allocation: Empowering Education with DSS's Open-Source Web Application

To ensure a well-balanced distribution of teachers across the country, DSS has developed a web application for the Ministry of Education and Science.
10 Jul 20232 min. read

Case Study: Streamlining Teaching Programs with Cutting-Edge Versioning System

DSS has developed a revolutionary web application system based on a diff-tree for the Ministry of Education and Science.
27 Jun 20232 min. read

Building Bonds and Embracing Adventure: DSS Team Building in Borovets

Over the weekend, the DSS team went on a two-day team-building trip to Borovets.
21 Jun 20233 min. read

Top 5 Reasons to Invest in ServiceNow Implementation with DSS as a Partner

This article outlines the top five reasons why choosing DSS as a ServiceNow implementation provider is a smart choice.
15 Jun 20233 min. read

What is like to be a woman in IT - Iva Aladzhova, PM at DSS, for

Our Project Manager, Iva Aladzhova, discusses her journey in pursuing a career in IT, and the obstacles she has faced as a woman in the industry.
8 Jun 20232 min. read

DSS Recognised for Collaborative Efforts with Technical University-Sofia in Advancing IT Education and Empowering Young Professionals

DSS was presented with an honorary plaque to recognise its collaboration with TU Sofia in donating a tech lab for teaching and research purposes.
31 May 20231 min. read

DSS is a beneficiary of a European project to increase the competitiveness of the company

EU project to boost DSS's competitiveness in domestic and foreign markets: increase production, optimize processes, and reduce costs.
16 May 20233 min. read

DSS Participated with its Donation at the Official Opening of The Center for Digital Technologies at the TU Sofia

TU Sofia inaugurates the Center for Digital Technologies as part of the "UNITe" project, housing the recently donated DSS computer laboratory.
12 May 20232 min. read

Case Study: How GRC Implementation in ServiceNow® Can Reduce Audit and Compliance Costs in Large Organisations

DSS provided a centralised ServiceNow platform enabling stakeholders to manage risks and ensure compliance efficiently.
10 May 20233 min. read

Case study: Developing a Custom Service Portal in ServiceNow®

Creating a personalised service portal on ServiceNow using AngularJS and responsive design while integrating third-party libraries and dynamic forms
2 May 20233 min. read

KBC Bank Bulgaria Digitised Personal Documents with DSS's ID Card Cropping & OCR Solution

The bank turned to DSS for help developing an ID Card Cropping & OCR solution capable of processing personal documents quickly accurately.
20 Apr 20232 min. read

Streamlined ITSM Processes with ServiceNow Implementation: A Successful Case Study

A case study that highlights how DSS successfully configured, customised, and integrated ServiceNow ITSM
6 Apr 20235 min. read

Plamen Nakov Talks to About His Career Path and How He Established DSS

Read the full interview to find out about his educational background, early career, and the process of establishing the company.
31 Mar 20232 min. read

DSS Has Donated a Fully Equipped Laboratory to the Technical University Sofia, Centre UNITe

On 31st March, the hall's official opening took place, which was attended by representatives of the university's academic leadership and DSS colleagues.