Case Study: How ServiceNow Solutions From DSS are Changing the Field Service Management?

22 Apr 2024 / 3 min. read

Case Study: How ServiceNow Solutions From DSS are Changing the Field Service Management?


In addressing hardware issues within schools across London and improving warehouse management, DSS has implemented an optimised field service management (FSM) process for one of our clients. Leveraging technologies such as ServiceNow and NowMobile, DSS has enhanced user experiences and offered seamless operations for all parties involved. 

Field Service Management (FSM) is all about managing a company's resources used at a customer's location rather than at the company's office. This can include dispatching technicians to repair equipment, scheduling preventative maintenance visits, or even just sending out a salesperson to meet with a potential customer. In the past, FSM was often a manual process, which could be time-consuming and error-prone.

However, ServiceNow Consulting Services from DSS are revolutionising Field Service Management (FSM) with customised software solutions. FSM software streamlines several tasks related to FSM, including scheduling, dispatching, and routing. Moreover, it offers field service technicians real-time data about their assignments, such as customer information, work orders, and parts availability. This helps technicians work more efficiently and productively.

To illustrate how our ServiceNow services practically change Field Service Management, we describe two use cases for a client that provides hardware support to schools in England.

Streamlining Dispatch and Field Operations

DSS has implemented a ServiceNow system for a company that supports schools in England with computer repairs. The system automates the process of fixing peripheral issues (keyboard, mouse) reported by the schools.

When a trouble ticket (the so-called work order) opens, the client's agents can swiftly locate spare parts in the warehouses using an automated system. These parts are then efficiently sent to a dispatching area where parcels are created and shipped via courier like DPD. Field agents receive the parcels through designated boxes, making the process of replacing broken parts at the schools quick and seamless.

The system uses Now Mobile Agent for task management and Google Maps integration for efficient deliveries. It also includes a custom-built signature capture feature within the mobile app for customer verification upon receiving the repaired device. Additionally, a questionnaire confirms the device's condition before repair and requires customer sign-off through Now Mobile. Finally, a Twilio integration allows SMS notifications to be sent to customers about upcoming field agent visits. Last but not least, customer contracts are also managed through the CSM module within ServiceNow. 

Optimising Warehouse Operations and Transfer Orders

DSS's solutions extend beyond field operations to warehouse management. We implemented an extension of the ServiceNow system to manage internal inventory transfers between warehouses and engineers. Barcode generation automates item tracking within large warehouses, streamlining the packing and dispatch process. Engineers can scan barcodes upon receiving items, finalising transfer orders line-by-line for accurate inventory management.

This implementation offers several benefits for the client. Firstly, it improves inventory accuracy by automating item tracking through barcodes. Secondly, it streamlines the transfer process, saving time and reducing manual errors. Finally, by grouping agents by skills and scheduling them based on delivery regions, the system optimises deliveries and ensures qualified personnel handle specific tasks. 

Planned Enhancements

DSS remains committed to continuous improvement. Planned enhancements include automating barcode and parcel data printing, eliminating manual processes and enhancing efficiency. Additionally, improvements to the Agent Workspace for chat support promise to enrich customer interactions further. Domain separation enhancements are also in the pipeline, ensuring data security and compliance with evolving regulatory standards.

Contact DSS today to elevate your field service management experience with ServiceNow Consulting and unlock operational excellence. 

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