We Grew Into Our New Office Space

16 Sep 2019 / 2 min. read

We Grew Into Our New Office Space


Exciting news! DSS continues to grow, and as a natural step of the growth, we needed more space. We've just moved into a bigger, better office! It has more workstations, relaxation areas, meeting rooms, and even a big terrace - great for after-work activities! This move will help us further provide the best possible experience for our employees.

More workstations

We want everyone to have their own dedicated space where they can focus on their work and be productive. With our new office, there are plenty of perfectly equipped workstations for everyone. In addition, there are comfortable relaxation areas and spacious meeting rooms so that people can take breaks or collaborate as needed.

Improved facilities

In addition to having more space, our new office also has better facilities. We have updated our relaxation area with new appliances and furniture. We also set up a football table so that our employees would entertain themselves as they take a rest from their daily tasks with the company. We also have a big terrace so that people can enjoy the outdoors or throw a party.

A great location

Our new office is located in a great area. It's close to public transportation, and there are plenty of restaurants and cafes nearby. We're confident that our new location will be convenient for everyone who works here.

The move has been very successful so far, and we are continuing to grow rapidly. We’re incredibly excited to be in the new space now and can’t wait to see how it will improve employees' well-being and influence company culture.

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