Boris Petrov for What is it like to work at DSS?

2 Mar 2023 / 3 min. read

Boris Petrov for What is it like to work at DSS?


DSS has been featured in - the Bulgarian online media for business, economics and management. Our Development Tech Lead, Boris Petrov, speaks about the perks of working at DSS, the main skill sets of our colleagues, the fun and inspiring environment and all the ways the company encourages people to grow. You can read the full interview in Bulgarian here

One of the main takeaways from the interview with Bobi is that the company is fully committed to its people. "We offer internship programs for students from the Technical University of Sofia every year and employ candidates with little to zero previous experience. We offer mentorship within each team and believe hard work and motivation are crucial to future growth." 

As an introduction, Boris gives a detailed overview of DSS, the services and projects, and the individual teams. “For example, our Web team has developed an assessment tool, a platform for acquiring additional qualifications for teachers, and a web archive for the Bulgarian Ministry of Education and Science. In the ServiceNow team, we help large multinational companies integrate the ServiceNow platform as a so-called "single source of truth solution" for more optimised and efficient processes. And in the Banking team, we create mobile and web applications for financial institutions and banks with a modern interface and excellent user experience.”

Bobi also talks about career development opportunities and the pieces of training that the company offers. "On the one hand, one can move up the professional "ladder" according to the level of seniority. Starting as a trainee, for example, one can reach a Senior position. On the other hand, as the company grows, one can also grow hierarchically and take on a Tech or Team Lead role of an existing or newly created team. When it comes to training, the opportunities are countless! We have access to Pluralsight's training courses and an extensive library of online lessons on Udemy. And if someone chooses a specific course that will be useful to them in their work, we also have the option to purchase additional training. Of course, last but not least, we also cover ServiceNow certification, which is recognized worldwide."

Boris cherishes the оpen communication and transparency in the work process the most at DSS. "All people can express their opinions freely without worrying that someone does not share them. The team is young, which makes working fun, faster and easier. We have no cumbersome recruitment process and are always guided by the idea that there is no time to waste - whatever we have to say, we do it concisely and clearly. We always help and consult each other."

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