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UX / UI Design

Users are won and lost in seconds

In today's technologically advanced world it only takes one bad experience for someone to lose their trust in your product or business.

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Our Approach


We strive to understand your business, your goals, and the users' needs and expectations. Then we define the scope and requirements of the product.


We figure out the structure and how the system will behave when users interact with the product. Then we determine the visual form of the design and create the actual screens.


We conduct usability testing on the final prototype to validate design decisions and identify issues so we can fix them before development.

"People ignore design that ignores people"

This is why we apply human-centred design to help you reach the desired outcome.


of online consumers are less likely to return to a site after a bad experience


of people say their first impression of a product is design-related


of users feel "seamless experience across all devices" is very important

What technologies do we use

Our main stack is based around Adobe Creative Cloud applications

For real-time collaboration and more efficient teamwork we use Miro

Depending on our client's requirements regarding technology and the specifics of the project, we also work with Figma or Sketch

If you want to know more specifics in your particular case!

Get in touch to get more specifics

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Success stories

We work closely with clients and help them develop unique technology solutions. Here are some of our successes with partners.

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Mobile application design for banks

DSS has been a trusted partner for designing the mobile app for iOS and Android of a leading bank in Bulgaria. The collaborative work and integration of UX/UI experts from DSS into the bank's Scrum team contributed to both a better interface and an excellent user experience for the bank's customers. А sign for a successful project has been the bank's recognition and the great customer reviews.
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Digital transformation in corporate banking

Digital banking is transforming the financial sector, and most activities are managed remotely via phone, computer, and app. Digital transformations in corporate banking are one of the main priorities for DSS. For our client, we managed to digitise a large part of the processes that were only possible through a physical visit to a branch.

What our clients say

What we bring


We listen to your users

We use human insights to adapt your business to user's needs in order to create stronger and more meaningful relationships


We go an extra mile

We don't just deliver what you ask us to. We invite your questions and give you new ideas about how to improve your product


We strive for inovation

We use our creativity to transform these new ideas into innovative solutions, so your company meets the constantly rising standards

Tell us about your project

We are eager to learn more about your company and your challenges. Write us more about your project, we are here to help you.

What to еxpect

Contact usand we'll reach out to you within 24 hours

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