DSS Among the 101 Largest IT Companies in Bulgaria Ranked by Digitalk

29 Sep 2023 / 3 min. read

DSS Among the 101 Largest IT Companies in Bulgaria Ranked by Digitalk


We are thrilled to announce that DSS has been ranked among Bulgaria's top 101 most successful IT companies. The ranking is conducted annually by Digitalk and presents the largest IT companies by revenue and analyzes 27 sub-sectors. The Digitalk 101 ranking is the new version of Capital's "Top 100 ICT companies in Bulgaria" and highlights the growth of the technology industry in the country since 1999. The report also features new and exciting technologies and an in-depth analysis of the business environment in Bulgaria.

DSS ranks in the 95th place overall, alongside some of the most prominent players on the market. This is a worthy recognition for us and a clear sign that we are moving in the right direction.

The ranking includes the top 100 fastest-growing IT companies and telecom operators. Participants provide their data identifying which activities and projects generated the revenue. In Bulgaria, the technology industry has seen steady growth, with revenues increasing by 13% to over BGN 9 billion. Among all the participants, software development companies have shown the fastest growth rate and are the largest group represented in the ranking.

Digitalk analyses the IT sector and breaks down companies' revenues by individual lines of business. Smaller categories are formed in which DSS also gains very good positions.

Top Software Developers

Software development is a significant contributor to the economy, with 91% of software firms' revenues generated by the development of software technologies and products. This activity brings in around BGN 1.73 billion to the Bulgarian economy. In the category of “Top Software Licensing Providers”, DSS ranks 20th for the delivery of finished products and licenses. In the “Top Software Developers by Revenue 2022” category, we rank 41st.

DSS-Software-Development.pngDSS- Software Licence-Providers.pngTop IT Outsourcing Providers

Bulgaria continues to hold a significant position in the world map for IT Outsourcing (ITO). One of the primary objectives of ITO companies is to support digital transformation and manage customer-centric processes and operations. Across many international firms, the transformation process has made significant strides, thanks to the integration of various AI technologies and the use of specific LLM products.

The Bulgarian software outsourcing market is dominated by ten key players, with DSS ranking a prestigious 13th in this category.


Top IT Training Providers

In our country, IT companies are increasingly offering specialised IT training programs. This trend is driven by the rapid adoption of technology and the need to update knowledge constantly. Additionally, training is an effective tool to address the problem of staff shortages and the need for well-trained employees.

According to the rankings, DSS is placed 12th in the Top IT Training Providers category, highlighting our dedication to upskilling our colleagues and ensuring they stay up-to-date with the ever-evolving technology trends.


We thank Digitalk and Capital for including DSS in Digitalk 101. Being ranked alongside some of the leading IT companies in Bulgaria is a great honour and a huge responsibility. It shows that even as a growing company, we have much to offer to the industry.

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