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Software Engineering

Simplicity is prerequisite for reliability

by Edsger W. Dijkstra

Providing reliable and intuitive solutions in the current abundant technological era is a real challenge at which we excel.

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Our experienced and highly profiled
team of experts
Our experienced
team of experts

is able to build and deliver the highest quality product exquisitely suited for your business requirements.


How we build

Produce Low/High fidelity mockups for early brainstorming

Plan and outline features and deliverables based on stories

Develop in transparent manner using Sprints with Scrum / Agile methodology and utilize short feedback loops

Before software can be reusable it first has to be usable

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What technologies do we use

Our development stack involves both modern and proven technologies and frameworks

We are using the right technology for the task, which is why we have excelled at various SQL and NoSQL databases.

We architecture our applications to best suit and support our customers' needs while following the latest trends and guidelines for Software Engineering such as Microservices, GrpahQL, REST, Web sockets and many others.

Success stories

We work closely with clients and help them develop unique technology solutions. Here are some of our successes with partners.

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eLearn - Web Repository

DSS has developed eLearn, an online repository system for The Ministry of Education and Science of Bulgaria that enables teachers across the country to exchange learning materials with each other and share them with students. eLearn was designed to help educators quickly adjust their teaching methods during the COVID-19 pandemic and ensure a smooth transition from offline to online learning.
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eExam - Remote Assessment Tool

DSS helped The Bulgarian Ministry of Education and Science overcome the barriers of offline assessment by building a modern online tool, which allowed a simultaneous evaluation of all 10th-grade students' knowledge in Informatics. The result of this project was an easy-to-use virtual assessment centre – DSS eExam platform that made assessment fast, straightforward and impartial.

What our clients say

What we bring



In-depth analysis of our customer's needs to create a simple, elegant and efficient solution



We work alongside our customers to provide regular progress updates and apply any changes that occur along the journey


Improve and evolve

There is no unique and constant solution to everything, we help our customers evolve their services with the fast-paced world

Tell us about your project

We are eager to learn more about your company and your challenges. Write us more about your project, we are here to help you.

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