DSS Develops a Modern Remote Assessment Tool for Bulgarian Schools

12 Apr 2021 / 3 min. read

DSS Develops a Modern Remote Assessment Tool for Bulgarian Schools



DSS helped The Bulgarian Ministry of Education and Science overcome the barriers of offline assessment by building a modern online tool, which allowed a simultaneous assessment of all 10th-grade students’ knowledge in Informatics. The result of this 6-month project was an easy-to-use virtual assessment centre – DSS eExam platform that made assessment fast, straightforward and impartial.

The system was successfully used for three consecutive years, from 2018 to 2021, until the exam was removed. In 2021, the DSS eExam platform was repurposed for administering the state universities' admission exams for international students.

Project Scope

The Bulgarian Ministry of Education and Science was looking for an online assessment system to reduce the time and effort for administering the Computer Literacy examination of all 10th-graders.

The web application had to be able to build complex assessments in minutes, set test timers and activity periods, and invite respondents with just a few clicks. Additionally, it had to have two types of modules – an automated real-time assessment and an open questions assessment module. In both modules, the user should be able to enter three types of questions – with one correct answer, multiple-choice answers, or open-ended questions.

The app is called the DSS eExam platform, and it can be used in various organizations that need easy-to-use online assessment with full customization of the questions.

The Challenge

Since this was the first online assessment tool used in the Bulgarian educational system, we had no previous know-how or knowledge of how the users would interact with such a tool. DSS had to develop and deliver a fully operational online assessment tool from scratch.

The Solution - Project Implementation and Delivery

DSS provided a strong team of developers who were proficient in the client’s preferred tools and technologies. They were able to ramp up quickly and collaborate efficiently with the client’s internal team. Furthermore, they implemented an agile development process to achieve the client’s technical objectives.

The Result

As a result of this collaboration, our team built the DSS eExam platform that enhances teachers’ productivity, saves their time and guarantees objectiveness. Thanks to our extensive experience in software development, we were able to help the Ministry of Education and Science achieve its goal and create a better assessment experience for all parties involved.

This platform is worth considering if you are looking for a comprehensive solution for creating and delivering eLearning assessments. The DSS eExam platform is a test-building tool that facilitates remote skills and knowledge verification. It allows you to create a wide range of remote exams - regardless of the size of your group, the topic of the assessment, or the physical distance between you and respondents - and provides immediate results that let you spend more time on other duties.

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