Developing an E-Learn - Web Repository for Bulgarian Schools

27 Mar 2020 / 3 min. read

Developing an E-Learn - Web Repository for Bulgarian Schools


For all we know, teachers had to do their jobs without the help of digital systems for lessons and additional study materials. Many Bulgarian schools lack the infrastructure that will disrupt the learning process and help teachers be as effective as possible.

This is why we’re so excited to announce our newest project eLearn – an online educational repository system for The Ministry of Education and Science of Bulgaria. It is designed to help teachers quickly create and manage their online materials and lessons during the COVID-19 pandemic. It will also allow them to share these resources with students and other teachers.

Project Scope

The goal was to ensure a smooth transition from offline to online learning due to school closures during the difficult COVID-19 pandemic situation.

The project scope was to create a public repository platform that enables teachers across the country to exchange learning materials, lessons, presentations, tasks, graphics, etc. eLearn provides users with a searchable database of all available content, as well as teachers' option to upload and share their own content into the database. Users should be able to search for a document according to criteria such as subject area, grade level or topic (e.g. "math"). They can also narrow down results by date range or resource type (e.g. “video”). Once they find what they need, users can download a copy. The digital repository reports the number of independent visits (from different IP addresses) and the number of users. Based on this, a "rating factor" can be formed.

The Challenge

DSS had to develop and deliver a fully operational online repository system in a short time frame during the first COVID-19 wave in Bulgaria to ensure the smooth continuation of the learning process. The solution needed to be simple and understandable for people who don’t have an IT background.

Project Development

We’ve developed the eLearn system in just 2 weeks - from start to go live. Our team had complete dedication and 24/7 involvement, as we understood the need and impact of having such a library available to all teachers. Fast and effortless solutions were all that mattered during that time.

E-Learn is a web-based application which allows easy access from any device and location.

We’ve used Angular as a front-end technology and NestJS for its back-end.

The Result

DSS developed a simple, easy-to-use platform that lets teachers upload their own materials and share them with colleagues and other educators during the COVID-19 pandemic. Teachers are now able to distribute their work, no matter what it is based on (presentation, text, video, pictures, drawings, links, etc.) and reference other used topics.

With more than 100 000 users and thousands of different lessons uploaded, this platform helped Bulgarian teachers and students overcome the challenges of distance education and further keep up with school programs.

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