Introducing The QPDPS Software Platform

1 Mar 2021 / 2 min. read

Introducing The QPDPS Software Platform



We are thrilled to announce the launch of our new software platform, QPDPS (Qualification for Professional Development of Pedagogical Specialists), designed to help pedagogical specialists qualify for programs for professional development. The platform was built under Project BG05M2OP001-2.010-0001 Qualification for Professional Development of Pedagogical Specialists for the Ministry of Education and Science. It enabled teachers and companies providing professional development programs to connect, track professional development and manage paperwork for participation and funding. Teachers can choose from a pool of professional development programs, register for them, and receive certificates upon completion. We believe that this software helped improve the quality of education by making it easier for teachers to access quality qualification programs.

Project Scope

The project scope was the development of a new software platform that would be easy to use for teachers while also providing the necessary data tracking and analysis for the Ministry of Education and Science.

The platform should be an essential touchpoint for the Ministry of Education and Science, teachers, and companies with professional development programs. Teachers should be able to choose a program, register for it, sign a contract, and receive a certificate on the platform. All participants’ presence and absence should be tracked on the platform as well.

The Challenge

The biggest challenge was the difference in the computer literacy of teachers, which meant that the user interface had to be simple yet effective. In addition, the data migration from the old system to the new one was a complex task that required extraordinary attention to detail.

The Result

The project was successfully launched in Bulgaria beginning of March 2021, increasing the number of qualified teachers and ultimately enhancing educational outcomes in collaboration with the European Union operational program.

The project was a success thanks to the concerted efforts of all parties involved. It reached the objectives, making it possible for educators to receive additional qualifications.

We are glad to have contributed to the continuous advancement of education in our country and helped teachers get additional qualifications by European Union standards.

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