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Get digitalised data from IDs with OCR tool

Utilise next-generation AI and data processing to ensure top quality in the automated extraction of information from any ID, passport, and more.

OCR for National ID Card

Intelligent OCR Technology for Advanced Identity Verification

OCR, or Optical Character Recognition, is widely used to recognize text in scanned documents and images. It helps automate verification procedures, reduce errors, and improve security. DSS OCR technology accurately reads and recognises all document fields, using a combination of deep document analysis and machine learning to detect fraud and inconsistencies. This saves time and effort for both businesses and customers, resulting in higher satisfaction with identity verification services.

OCR app for scanning ID cards

The DSS OCR solution is highly adaptable, offering customisation to fit any business scenario regardless of industry. Our services include both the server and frontend components, and we offer flexible options such as as-a-service or subscription-based models to best suit your needs and architecture.

Unlocking the Benefits of OCR Technology for Streamlined Data Processing

Plug and Play

The DSS OCR tool is easy-to-use, providing you with all the necessary tools to get started quickly without requiring any development effort on your part.

Modular based

You have the freedom of choice - use it as a 360° solution or pick up the modules that best fit into your organizational structure and policies.

Enhanced KYC process

OCR replaces the time-consuming and error-prone process of collecting data from your customers with an automated workflow that takes seconds, resulting in increased satisfaction.

Variety of documents

The DSS OCR technology supports a wide range of personal documents, including IDs, passports, driving licenses, and more. It accurately recognises all field types, such as date of birth, ID number, address, and others, making the verification process efficient and reliable.

Some people call this artificial intelligence, but in reality, this technology will enhance us.

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and Modules

Dedicated Service

Get started with a ready-to-go solution. We offer a dedicated API service to account for any number of requests and use a highly customisable SDK to plug-&-play in your existing applications.

Self-hosted Service

Meet your compliance and privacy requirements with an installable package that you can host within your dedicated infrastructure and use a highly customisable SDK to plug-&-play in your existing applications.

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