Case study: Developing a Custom Service Portal in ServiceNow®

10 May 2023 / 3 min. read

Case study: Developing a Custom Service Portal in ServiceNow®



The internal teams of a prominent enterprise company faced several challenges with their outdated service portal. They recognised the need for a new, customisable, and user-friendly platform that could deliver an exceptional experience to all users. Consequently, they approached DSS for support in building this new service portal from scratch to meet their specific requirements. And we delivered exactly what they needed.


Creating a brand-new service portal on ServiceNow was a difficult task that demanded extensive planning, design, and development efforts. Throughout the project, we encountered several challenges, including:

  1. Custom Design: The client required a highly customised solution for their service portal, so we collaborated closely with their designers to ensure that the design matched their branding guidelines and offered the essential features.
  2. Service Portal: Our client requested the creation of a service portal utilising AngularJS, a complex framework. Even with the framework's intricacies, our priority was to ensure that the code was both scalable and simple to maintain.
  3. Third-Party Libraries: We had to integrate several third-party JavaScript libraries like AG-Grid, ConcreteJS, and Angular Gauge, which added another layer of complexity to the project.
  4. Dynamic Forms: The client required a custom form with dynamic content, which would change based on the user's input. We had to ensure that the form was highly responsive and provided a seamless experience to the user.
  5. Responsive Design: Another challenge we faced during the development of the service portal was ensuring that the design was responsive across different devices and screen sizes.


Creating a personalised service portal on ServiceNow® using AngularJS and responsive design while also integrating third-party libraries and dynamic forms presented a variety of difficulties that demanded meticulous planning and execution. The portal encompasses both ITSM (IT Service Management) and ITBM (IT Business Management).

ITSM involves the design, delivery, management, and support of IT services to meet the needs of an organisation, while ITBM focuses on aligning IT strategies with business goals and objectives. The service portal we developed addressed both these areas by providing a centralised location for employees to access IT services and solutions, improving their productivity and satisfaction.

By working closely with the client's team, we collaborated to identify and prioritise the crucial requirements for the portal. Our solution was customised to meet their specific needs, resulting in a service portal that was highly efficient. This portal enabled the client's employees to efficiently and effectively access IT services and resources, enhancing their productivity.

The project of creating a custom service portal in ServiceNow® with AngularJS, responsive design, and third-party libraries was challenging but ultimately fulfilling. We employed our expertise and worked collaboratively to overcome obstacles and integrate ITSM and ITBM principles to deliver a customised solution that met the client's requirements. Our efforts resulted in improved productivity and satisfaction for their employees and aligned with their business goals and objectives.

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