Streamlined ITSM Processes with ServiceNow Implementation: A Successful Case Study

20 Apr 2023 / 2 min. read

Streamlined ITSM Processes with ServiceNow Implementation: A Successful Case Study


Our client, a global company with over 50,000 employees worldwide, faced significant challenges in managing their ITSM processes across multiple fragmented systems. The lack of automation resulted in inefficiencies and high operational costs. The client partnered with DSS for ServiceNow® ITSM consulting to overcome these challenges and implement the ServiceNow platform. This case study highlights how DSS successfully configured, customised, and integrated ServiceNow ITSM to streamline the client's ITSM processes and achieve significant cost savings.


The client's ITSM processes were highly fragmented across multiple systems, limiting IT and service data visibility. The manual process of resolving technical issues was time-consuming and often led to customer dissatisfaction. The client also faced the following challenges:

  • Lack of automation in ITSM processes resulting in inefficiencies and high operational costs.
  • Limited visibility into IT and service data due to fragmented systems.
  • Inconsistent service delivery due to a lack of standardisation.


DSS implemented ServiceNow ITSM and configured it to meet the client's explicit needs. The following modules were implemented to automate and streamline ITSM processes:

  • Incident, Change, Problem, and Knowledge Management for an effective IT service delivery
  • Configuration Management Database (CMDB) for centralised IT asset management
  • Service Catalog for end-to-end service request management
  • Workflow automation for efficient ITSM processes

In addition, DSS customised and integrated ServiceNow ITSM with the client's existing systems to ensure a seamless transition.


By partnering with DSS for this ServiceNow ITSM implementation project, the client achieved the following results:

  • Streamlined ITSM processes resulting in more efficient service delivery.
  • Standardised and consolidated platform providing a single source of truth for IT and service data.
  • Reduced operational costs by 60% due to increased automation and improved efficiency.
  • Improved customer satisfaction by quickly resolving technical issues using ServiceNow's machine-learning solutions.
  • Customised and integrated ServiceNow ITSM with existing systems for a seamless transition.


The successful implementation of the ServiceNow ITSM tool by DSS resulted in a streamlined, automated, and efficient ITSM process for the client. By implementing ServiceNow ITSM, the client achieved significant cost savings and improved customer satisfaction. As a result of the ServiceNow integration and customisation, the client experienced a seamless transition, enabling the company to focus on its core business activities.

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