Our Managing Director Plamen Nakov Selected for Forbes 30 Under 30, Class 2023

11 Dec 2023 / 4 min. read

Our Managing Director Plamen Nakov Selected for Forbes 30 Under 30, Class 2023


We end the year with an outstanding recognition for DSS. Our Managing Director, Plamen Nakov, has been selected for the Forbes "30 Under 30", Class of 2023! The magazine lists 30 notable people under 30 who change Bulgaria's future in various industries each year. These individuals are already making significant changes in our country and providing a glimpse of what is possible in their passion areas.

One of Forbes's 30 Under 30

As the winner in his "Business Managers" category, Plamen is featured on the magazine's cover, among other honourees. The company's successes are highlighted in a special article describing the history of DSS, its challenging projects throughout the years, and his thoughts about building a solid team united around a common goal.  

Forbes calls Plamen an "outsourcing guru" and talks about how he started the business with zero investment, managed to double its revenue, and established it as a prominent player in the country's outsourcing and IT services sector.  

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Short history of Plamen's success

Plamen Nakov established DSS (Digital & Software Solutions) in 2017 with the primary goal of providing ServiceNow consulting services. He initiated the business independently, investing all of his finances. Plamen quickly secured his first ServiceNow client, a subcontractor to the oil giant BP, which served as a solid foundation for expanding to other IT services. Within a year, he formed a web development team and collaborated on projects for the country's financial and public sectors. DSS currently works with the Ministry of Education, the Technical University of Sofia, local banks, financial institutions, and global corporations.

Over six years, he expanded DSS and built a team of over 60 people. His resourcefulness and ability to identify clients' needs and provide them with the best possible solutions were the key factors behind his success. According to his employees, he is a daring visionary who is always willing to consider various personal and professional situations. Through the firm's booming developments, Plamen and his team have indirectly influenced millions of people.

DSS generated 11.3M in revenue in the past two years and expects growth of over 20% in 2023. Plamen believes that steady and sustainable growth is crucial for the company's long-term success. In contrast to other companies in the sector, DSS takes a more realistic approach, prioritising a strong corporate culture and friendly relationships over rapid expansion. Its main goal is to maintain a sustainable environment through consistent growth.

One of the company's most notable accomplishments in 2023 was partnering with TU-Sofia and donating a fully equipped technical hall to the university. Plamen also successfully defended his PhD at the same university and teaches hundreds of students there. He continuously says that we must do our best to pass on knowledge to students and future colleagues. All DSS offices and our current one are close to the university, which is highly convenient for students who can easily combine study and work. As part of our mission to bring business and education closer is our paid internship programme for students every year.

Future of DSS

DSS started as an outsourcing company but is now turning to developing its own products to diversify its revenues further. Our goal is to become a hybrid by continuing to provide our current services while also offering our own IT products, tools, and applications.

We are expanding our portfolio with a revolutionary product - OCR technology that uses the latest-generation artificial intelligence for automated identity verification. This technology enables the customers of financial and fintech organisations to complete the onboarding and KYC process using their mobile phones. By capturing their ID and filling out a custom questionnaire, the bank can update customer data without requiring them to visit a branch. 

Standing ovations

We are immensely proud and excited about Plamen's success and want to thank him for creating a company where each of us feels greatly appreciated.  

If you want to find out how Plamen landed the Forbes 30 under 30 list and what makes DSS stand out, read the magazine's latest print issue (from December 2023) or find it online here.

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